Inner Chapter Studio is located on the Dingle Peninsula in Co.Kerry, Ireland.

Inner Chapter Studio

The studio is ideal for singer-songwriters and artists looking to get a unique, creative and tailor-made sound.

Preamps: Aurora GTQ MKIII stereo preamps by Geoff Tanner (Neve), stereo tube preamp made by local electronics engineer John Truba, Warm Audio TB12, and Midas 320 desk. Additional processing: Serpent Audio SB4001 Bus Compressor, Powertran Digital Delay, multiple FX pedals from Line 6, Boss, MXR, Electro Harmonix and others. Guitars include Fender Strat and Gretsch Electromatic, with amplification from Blackstar, WEM, Kustom Sienna and ZT.

Synth and creative production tools include the Dave Smith instruments Prophet ’08 and Mopho Keys, original Korg MS-20, AKAI MPC1000, Roland JV1080, Nord Lead 2X, Doepfer Dark Energy and Yamaha Arius piano. The main attraction in the studio is a fully featured Eurorack modular synthesiser featuring audio generating and processing modules from Doepfer, Make Noise, Metasonix, Synthesis Technology, Analogue Solutions, Noise Engineering, Mutable Instruments and more.

The studio runs Logic, Cubase, and Ableton Live with interfacing from RME and Audient, and monitoring from Focal, Adam, Beyerdynamic, Mackie, and Presonus.

Rates are generally flexible depending on the project type. Please contact us for more info.

For pictures of the studio and its gear check out the gallery below, and to listen to previous recordings head on over to our showreel.