Circuits of Heaven – In the Time of Decay [IC002]

“I need some energy
To degenerate,
To speed up my fate”

The debut EP by Circuits of Heaven is now available to download via the Inner Chapter Bandcamp! Physical copies are also available in CD format.

‘In the Time of Decay’ builds on the mood of lo-fi debut single ‘Out of Air’: hushed vocals rise above twin acoustic and electric guitars while minimal drum machine loops pulse along with live percussion, all backed by serene synth ambience.

The EP represents the jump-off point for a new endeavour. But from the subdued aggression of the title track through to the slow-build catharsis of ‘A Day Off’ these songs express ambivalence about starting anew, and finding quiet joy in resignation.

‘In the Time of Decay’ will be accompanied by a video for each song and supported by live shows throughout late 2015/early 2016.


In the Time of Decay

Here in Your Arms

Deep Inside the Diary

A Day Off