Circuits of Heaven – Just Came Down From The Mountain [IC 007]

‘Just Came Down From The Mountain’ by Circuits of Heaven is released today via Inner Chapter Records.


Digital and physical copes of the EP are available via our store.

iTunes customers can order the EP (featuring alternative artwork) through the iTunes store by clicking here.

Circuits of Heaven is the solo project of writer/producer Kevin J. Power. ‘Just Came Down…’ follows last year’s ‘In The Time Of Decay’ EP. This release continues the lyrical and musical themes of finding quiet amongst the noise of the world paralleled by seemingly serene opening and closing tracks ‘Alone In This Form’ and ‘Super Black Sun’ sitting either side of the aggressive quiet-loud swing of the title track, but this latest release develops on this by adding a deceptive tension to music and by slipping end-of-civilisation lyrics past the listener via hushed vocal deliveries and dynamic shifts in soundscape.

“At just under 12 minutes, Just Came Down From the Mountain is short, but it achieves its goal within that time-frame, to put the listener in a thoughtful and relaxed state, oblivious to their surroundings as they slip under Power’s spell.” – Best of Music and Film