Ealadha – Limit of Our Sight [IC005]

‘Limit of Our Sight’ is now available!

Limit of Our Sight EP Cover

The EP represents the first official release by Ealadha and it’s a rich, immersive experience that both captures their development up to this point and signals promising future directions for the band.

‘Hurricanes’ and ‘Dive’ have already gained extensive airplay on alternative stations in Ireland and showcase the band’s appreciation for post-metal quiet-loud dynamics. But it is ‘Heart of Mercury’ and ‘Souls’ where Ealadha¬† really show what they are capable of. The former starts with a pulsing beat and edgy riff before sinister vocoded voices enter and an unexpected synth break relieves the tension, seguing seamlessly into a cathartic rock-out.

‘Souls’ takes the band’s taste for space and ambience to a beautiful place; soft, dreamy pianos play over simple yet hugely affective vocals before the trio join in one last blaze of post-rock glory which slowly fades out. It’s a great end to an EP that packs a lot into just four songs.

‘Limit of Our Sight is now available via the Inner Chapter Bandcamp page.

On the day of release guitarist/vocalist Dom Murphy wrote an informative piece on each of the songs exclusively for the G-Man blog, click here to get some insight into the themes and subject matter of the songs.

iTunes links and information on physical release will follow shortly.

You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and on Soundcloud below.